Dunn Loring Swim Club Bathhouse Renovation Project Frequently Asked Questions

The Dunn Loring Swim Club (DLSC) is renovating its bathhouse! Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the demolition, design, timing and other expectations.

What is the DLSC Bathhouse Renovation Project?
The DLSC bathhouse was built in 1967. Over the past 50 years, the building, as expected, has experienced both natural aging as well as continuous use without any upgrades. Given the current condition of the structure, plumbing, and electrical systems, the bathhouse no longer met county building codes and is not Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Therefore, as we communicated many times over the last several years, the DLSC board and members, after discussions and recommendations from professionals, voted to remove the existing bathhouse and rebuild from the ground up. The project will also include landscaping and parking lot improvements.

What is the cost of the bathhouse renovation and what does it include?
The cost of the renovation is $750,000. There will also be improvements to the parking lot and there will be some new landscaping at an additional cost.

Will there be any membership assessments needed for the project?
This renovation does NOT require an assessment of the Membership. Prudent fiscal management of pool operations have allowed us to allocate capital for long-term improvements such as this.

What work has been completed to date?
Once permits were finalized, site prep and demolition began early December as planned. The demolition and foundation work was completed mid-January. Next up is framing which should begin end of January into early February.

What is the anticipated timeline for completion of the project?
Once permits were finalized, site prep and demo began the first week of December as planned. Other than some very cold days, the weather has been kind to us. Work has been progressing on schedule.  The roof went on early February and siding is going up next.  (The siding is going up primed but not painted. That will happen towards the end of the project.)

  • Demolition - complete
  • Plumbing groundworks installation, foundation preparation - complete
  • Pour Foundation - Complete
  • Framing and roof - Complete
  • Siding - Feb-March
  • Interior work - Feb-March
  • Project finalization including the landscaping and parking lot - May 10

What new design improvements or changes should we anticipate?
The following improvements will be made to the bathhouse:

  • More space for the Men’s and Women’s rooms and the Office
  • Family bathroom
  • More shower stalls for men
  • Handicap bathroom
  • Raised ceiling
  • Exterior front portico
  • Exterior back awning to provide more shade
  • Enhanced parking lot design to improve traffic flow
  • New security systems and technology

Will there be any activities surrounding the opening of the bathhouse on opening day?
Yes! We anticipate a ribbon-cutting ceremony - more information to come.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to board@dlsc.net

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