Dunn Loring Swim Club

at the Corner of Drexel & Cottage since 1963


  • No glass bottles, dishes, containers, etc... are allowed at the Pool. No exceptions! Remember everyone walks around barefoot and we do not want anyone stepping on glass if a glass container breaks.
  • You must wait 1 hour after eating before going into the pools. Food, heat, and swimming do not mix well together. The issue is when this does happen, we need to immediately close that pool to shock it and it could take up to 2 to 12 hours to clean.
  • When we hear thunder or lightning, the pool CLOSES. Gather your belongings quickly as possible and evacuate the pool immediately. The pool closes for 30 minutes and if the thunder and Lightening pass, then the pool will reopen, if not the pool will stay closed until it passes.
  • Please remember the lifeguards have a job to do and that is to make sure everyone is staying safe. No running on deck, no water guns on deck (can be used in the water only), and most importantly if they are saving a swimmer, you are NOT to interfere with the Guard while they are doing their job. Our guards are trained for our Emergency Action Plan.  We have had 3 saves so far this summer.
  • A child may be admitted to the pool unaccompanied provided the child is at least 10 years old AND has obtained his or her patch (read section 5 of the Policies and Regulations on the website), or if the child is 12 year of age.
  • If the unaccompanied child member wants to bring a guest, the guest must be 12 years of age or older and if child member is under age 18, the maximum guests allowed are 2.
  • The pools take 10 minute breaks each hour. Remember you must be 14 years of age and older to stay in the pool during these breaks, if you are not 14 years of age, you must leave the pool and rest.
  • Please clean up after yourselves, clean the tables and don’t leave any garbage when you leave. Remember this is our pool and we want to keep it clean for everyone to come and enjoy.